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No Photos Please! by FurLined No Photos Please! :iconfurlined:FurLined 196 13
My Favorite Songs: Someday
I know I just recently made a favorite songs journal entry, but this song just came up on my Spotify playlist, and I just had to feature it.
I find a lot of things through Spotify. I was just looking up what else Steven Shwartz did, since I liked some of the songs from Wicked, and not only did I find out he, by little surprise, wrote the songs for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but there is actually a musical based on the movie, which follows the story more. I first found the individual song while looking up deleted Disney songs on Youtube, and I was always disappointed that the song didn't have better sound quality. It was a real treat to me knowing that they used this song in the play.
I had always loved the message of the song, which, I feel, speaks for even more about the world than God Help the Outcasts. It's about the dreams of a society that may never be, but dreams we still hope one day will be achieved. In the musical, the song takes place when Esmeralda is about to be burned at
:iconhyperspaceoddity:HyperSpaceOddity 1 0
Top Ten Least favorite Disney Movies
We all know by now that Disney has been an utter powerhouse of hit animated movies, as well as a pioneer in theatrical animated features, but even the best studios aren't without their major flops, and movies that have simply gained MY disatisfaction. I understand that maybe some people might like these movies, and I have nothing against them. Heck, this list was even hard for a picky person like me to make. And I know I don't have enough experience in really critiquing these movies to declair the WORST, so this is mostly a list of films I can't enjoy. Anyway, here are my least favorite Disney movies. There might also be some movies on here that I don't find terrible, but that's just because I haven't exposed myself to too many of the terrible ones.. On a side note, this list WON'T be including any sequels. I'm making a separate list for that….
10. Dinosaur
I'm honestly sure where Disney wanted to go with this movie. The characters were done in CGI, but with real scenery for back
:iconhyperspaceoddity:HyperSpaceOddity 3 2
Conscience by azu-haruka Conscience :iconazu-haruka:azu-haruka 19 2 Under The Sea by azu-haruka Under The Sea :iconazu-haruka:azu-haruka 26 5
Top 10 Favorite Animated Movies
Firstly, I'm well aware of the fact that, not only are there so many people who've made this kind of lists, but also that there are so many animated movies I haven't watched yet. I might do an updated version later in life, but for now, these are the top 10 animated movies that have earned my utmost respect. If there are movies that you think should have been on this list, then let this inspire you to make your own list!
10. Chicken Run
I've noticed I like a lot of underrated movies. That being said, Chicken Run is an inpiring movie that needs more attention. Why? Most of the cast is FEMALE. It's stop motion, an animation form that needs more love. It's done by Ardman Studios and has that witty British touch to it. The story(in which the premise parodies that of the old movie, "The Great Escape", from what I'm told), plays out really well and has good pacing, to the point where you're on the edge of your seat. The characters all have their own edge that makes them unique, which just be
:iconhyperspaceoddity:HyperSpaceOddity 6 5
Happy National Super Heroes Day!
Cue the music!
So, I just updated all my Micro-Boy focused drawings to celebrate. And not only that, but I am also posting some of the greatest super hero music and themes ever made! Starting above with The Avengers theme, from the movie that pretty much changed a lot about the world of comic book films.
Next, we have my favorite themes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as memorable as they can be):
While I haven't seen this movie, I do like this theme:
Next we have a theme that makes us feel TRULY American!
And let's not forget this catchy show-stopping number from the film as well...
And now we have my FAVORITE out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe themes:
But hey... let's not forget that Danny Elfman himself wrote some GREAT super hero themes as well... even for the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
And he has also written the theme for the first theatrical version of my all-time favorite superhero:
And possibly the best theme for Batman ever!
Let's not forget
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 3 20
Anime Jenny by 14-bis Anime Jenny :icon14-bis:14-bis 3,616 416 Musique Jenny by 14-bis Musique Jenny :icon14-bis:14-bis 5,003 357
Who are the better writers?
I was talking with someone about how unnecessary and bad the Disney remakes are, and we came to the Maleficent subject about how the filmmakers didn't know how to write a sympathetic villain story right.
The user commented that actual fan-fiction writers could write something better than Hollywood writers.
And this was my response, which I think a lot of us can agree with:
Sometimes, the common people can write better plots than Hollywood producers. Of course, these common people actually LIVE LIVES! Hollywood people are just kept in a glass box, looking out to the world, imagining what the world must be like without actually living with these people to understand them, which is why we have sterotypes, kids saying 90's catchphrases, bullies getting away with everything and the good kids getting punished, etc. They don't know what living in the real world is like; they only THINK they know what it's like. Thus fan-fiction writers make better writers than them, because they actually expe
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 4 18
My Favorite Songs: Space Mountain
The first time I heard this was the first time I rode the ride. I don't know what the ride is like today, but back in, this was my absolute favorite. The ride was fun in itself, but I feel like the music really adds to it. It made me even happier knowing they released it on iTunes!
As I said, the music really gets you pumped up for the ride. The first few seconds hit you RIGHT IN THE FACE with anticipation. I love the fact that they went with a bit of a retro sic-fi tone to it, which, in my opinion, allows it to match with the whimsy of the rest of the park. The first half of the song anticipates the impending flight down of the ride, and lets you take in your space surroundings before plunging you forward. The second half fits in perfectly with the fast pace of the ride, and gives the dark atmosphere a little personality. I know they've changed it over the years, but I at least hope the soundtrack still remains. (I'm not in the loop as you think I am with Disney Parks. I sti
:iconhyperspaceoddity:HyperSpaceOddity 2 5
justDEF - 2004 PhatLipp mural [OCs] by Just-Def justDEF - 2004 PhatLipp mural [OCs] :iconjust-def:Just-Def 32 4 justDEF - J.B.C.C. Wanted Poster [OCs] by Just-Def justDEF - J.B.C.C. Wanted Poster [OCs] :iconjust-def:Just-Def 39 6 Caution Deer [by bloodypatronus] by Just-Def Caution Deer [by bloodypatronus] :iconjust-def:Just-Def 13 4 Pastel Goth Magician [by bloodypatronus] by Just-Def Pastel Goth Magician [by bloodypatronus] :iconjust-def:Just-Def 13 0 justDEF - Orange Juice [Request] by Just-Def justDEF - Orange Juice [Request] :iconjust-def:Just-Def 41 26

Do you think that these days, trailers and commercials for movies are badly made? 

13 deviants said Not really. They look fine to me.
11 deviants said It really depends on the trailer.
10 deviants said Yeah, they kinda do.


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Scarlett answerin' some questions

Sat Apr 29, 2017, 10:02 AM
I feel like I really need to give my OC Scarlett some more attention, so I've decided to do a meme with her. :aww: I've done memes with her years back, but she's a LOT different now. Heck, she's an original character for my concept now. I wanted to show you guys how much she's changed over the years.

Anyway, lets get started~
Lil Vampire Girl by StarSylveon11

1. What is your name?
Scarlett: My name is Scarlett. ^w^

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Scarlett: I don't know, actually. Mama and papa just really liked the name. ^^

3. Have any abilities or powers?
Scarlett: I have vampire powers, but I'm not so good at using them yet...

4. Stop being a Mary-sue!
Scarlett: ???

5. What's your eye color?
Scarlett: Red.

6. How about hair color?
Scarlett: Black and purple.

7. Have any family-members? (Living family members)
Scarlett: I have a mama and papa, and they're really nice!! I also have two big sisters, and one big brother. ^^

8. Oh? How about pets?
Scarlett: No, but I love animals! Especially little baby bats. >w<

9. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Scarlett: Well, I wanna see new things in the world, but I'm not allowed to go outside alone because mama says it's dangerous... and I also don't like it when mean people hurt animals.... they have feelings too... I wanna protect them all...

10. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Scarlett: I like baking! My sister Ginny taught me how to bake cupcakes and stuff. Sometimes my sister Sabrina and I sing random songs, even though we're not good at singing. xD Oh, and I also like reading books about animals! My brother Ray gave them to me, and reads them to me sometimes. He's a really nice brother.

11. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Scarlett: I try not to...

12. Ever...killed anyone before?
Scarlett: Never!! My family tells me violence never solves anything.

13. What kind of animal are you?
Scarlett: Actually, I'm not an animal. I'm a vampire. I don't know how to shapeshift into a bat yet though. ^^;

14. Name your worst habits?
Scarlett: Well, I'm not very good at using my vampire powers yet. I break things by accident...

15. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Scarlett: My big sister, Sabrina!! She's really nice and fun, and I wanna be like her!:D

16. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Scarlett: No. I don't like it when others say 'you'll change your mind when you're older.'

17. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Scarlett: ?

18. What are you most afraid of?
Scarlett: Getting lost... XC

19. What do you usually wear?
Scarlett: I really like wearing purple and black dresses. ^^

20. What's one food that tempts you?
Scarlett: Fruits!! They're really tasty.

21: Am I annoying you?
Scarlett: No.

22. Well, it's still not over!
Scarlett: Okay?

23. What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?
Scarlett: Middle....? I dunno.

24. How many friends do you have?
Scarlett: I don't have that many since I don't go to many places.

25. What are your thoughts on pie?
Scarlett: I like pie. ;w;

26. Favorite drink?
Scarlett: Fruit smoothies. They're tasty. >w<

27. What's your favorite place?
Scarlett: I don't know.

28. Are you interested in anyone~?
Scarlett: No..

29. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Scarlett: I don't know how to swim. XP

30. Camping or indoors?
Scarlett: Camping!! I never went camping before, and I wanna see new things!

31. Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Scarlett: I don't mind.

32. Well, it's over! Now tag five people!
I don't know who to tag, but if anyone wants to do this, feel free to!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, everyone! I'm just a learning artist here doing her best to improve on art skills. I'm mostly into drawing my original characters, but I'm also a fan of a bunch of things, like Big Hero 6, Teen Titans, Totally Spies, etc. I make fanart every now and then, but I mostly enjoy to work on art of my characters. I work very hard on concepts and character development, and I hope to have an art-related future. ^^
My awesome friends/inspiring artists
:iconhyperspaceoddity: :iconsweetdream87: :icongalaxygirl5: :iconbabygirlinwonderland: :iconemizels: :iconjasminerobotnik: :iconshatteredporcelain32: :iconsmall-world-queen: :iconpumpkinview: :iconloopzeloop: :iconhoneybatty16: :iconmeluvsoshawott: :iconsumooli: :icondesert-poppy: :iconnerdsman567: :iconsabi13: :iconbgtrahernnfa: :iconsnickersndoodles: :iconjimenopolix: :iconmiharuwatanabe: :iconfrankilew: :iconlonesome-wolf-child: :icontoon-o-clock: :iconavirextin: :iconrktoonz: :iconwhirlpool24: :iconp4nd4-st4r: :icon13thefreerunner: :icondarkgoth100: :icongeorgetarts: :iconforrestfyer: :iconseagull-city: :iconchumley12: :iconkairi8952: :iconsilverluver123: :iconezstrongs: :iconrobotnikholmes: :iconjeanettefan18: :iconbanana-yvana:
You're all rad!
I do not accept requests by Nana-Beats DB: Ship War Free Zone 2of2 by DarkJediPrincess

Sabby Page Doll by SweetDream87 Sabby says hi!! (Credit to SweetDream87 for the pixel)


I've been putting some thought into this and am considering not really being on Tumblr much anymore. I mean, I can reblog a few things here and there occasionally, but that's about it.

I dunno, the site's just really been bugging me lately.
One thing about Tumblr I seriously can't stand: Those NSFW blogs that continues following users. Just... no. OMG I can't stand them...

Every time I block 'em, more keeps coming..
So I've decided to change my icon into Starfire cause I've been rewatching Teen Titans lately, and she's still one of my favs. I relate to her quite a bit. ^^

Though lately, I've been very attached to the other Titans as well, so it's pretty hard to pick a fav~
So I was thinking about how my OCs' families would be like and I can imagine Suzette's father being a LOT like Mettaton from Undertale. I can really imagine it. ;w; Suzy acts kinda like him so I was thinking she'd get that personality trait from her dad~ Y'all think I should go for this idea? I wanna have more variety in my male characters and make them stand out somehow, and I think it'd be a cool idea to work with. ^^ Of course, I still want him to differ somehow. It's just a bit of inspiration.

(Though I still gotta think through how exactly he's like, along with other OCs' family members, and design them too. I've been wanting to introduce y'all to them for quite a while.)
I just came back from seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie. While I'm not a fan of remakes all the time, I actually thought it was pretty cute, but that's just my opinion~ Not too big of a fan, but it was still fine.

I'd like to see the original movie, honestly. It's been so long.

Please don't thank me for the fav.

You guys are always welcome!! I just don't like how those comments fill up my inbox. You guys really don't have to thank me. You're always welcome.


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Hey, I had this idea for an island that maybe you could use in your concept thats home to dragons, griffins, trolls, manticores, hydras, gorgons, and many other monsters. Think of it as something like Skull Island from King Kong. 
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